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Pinhole Glasses Review

Who doesn't want to have 20:20 vision? Rather, who wants to wear a pair of eyeglasses? And what if I tell you that there's an instant way to see things clearer without your prescription glasses? Keep digging. 

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What Is Pinhole Glasses

Pinhole glasses, also known as Stenopeic glasses are just the usual eyeglasses frame, considered as transitional and alternative eyeglasses. What's unique about these are the plastic sheets of full pin-sized holes. So instead of clear lenses, there are black sheets with lots of tiny holes. By that, it can be a powerful tool to have an instant clearer eyesight. 

How Does Pinhole Glasses Work

It's all about the light entering our eyes. There are refraction of light from cornea until it reaches retina. Retinas are light sensitive part of our eyes, where light focuses. Since there are just tiny holes, only limited rays of light are able to pass through so it gives better image.

Also recommended to those who have:

  • Myopia
  • Presbyopia
  • Hyperopia
  • Astigmatism 
pinhole glasses

I first saw these on Watsons drug for more than a thousand pesos (~22$.) Almost the same but just a little stylish. I was very curious at that time but I did not want to splurge just for a plastic glasses. So what I did was, I searched it online to see the benefits and all. Then I saw a cheaper version of it. 

I've been wearing eyeglasses since 5th grade due to my poor eyesight. When I say poor, we are talking about over 400 vision on both eyes. I also tried wearing contact lenses when I was in college. Not to mention my astigmatism because of my bad reading habits. 

pinhole glasses
It has just a minimal design

I purchased these last June for 399 pesos (more or less 9$.) I find it bit expensive for a plastic eyeglasses. Frankly speaking, I am not really a hundred percent convinced with it. I am just skeptical most of the time because of those hyped descriptions. However, I wanted to try this out to kill my curiosity. 

Other thing that made me want to try it is this statement from the description of the dealer. 

"Starting to wear prescription glasses is like falling into a trap. With prescription glasses, you are not likely to use your focusing muscles or the photoreceptors in your retina. Failure to use these ‘ciliary muscles’ causes them to weaken, resulting in regular visits to your eye doctor over time to get stronger lenses."

It is not like that I doubt our ophthalmologists but it does make sense. Again, it can also be about the marketing or makes us depend on eyeglasses.

pinhole glasses philippines

Thoughts and Experience

I tried to read with and without my pinhole glasses for a certain distance, just to see the difference. Surprisingly, it really gives clearer view. I can even watch television, work on my laptop, read stories on tablet. So somehow I can say that it works. 

Though you might find it hard and uneasy as you need to stare or focus on the subject especially texts. You have to exert extra effort to focus because if not, you might experience  double vision.
pinhole glasses

 Note: Recommended to use 15 minutes daily. Do not use while doing physical activities especially driving as it limits peripheral vision. Though, it is not a magic, just an exercise for retinas. It would take some time to see the permanent result, if there is.  


  • Afforadable
  • Instant Result
  • Only requires 15 minutes/ day
  • Lightweight


  • Quite uncomfortable to wear because of the holes
  • Gives bit stress on eyes
  • Must be dedicated to see permanent result (again, if there is)


Price: 399 Pesos (9$)
Bought at:
Verdict:  I can't talk about its therapeutic claims as I did not use these regularly. Though, I believe that it is good to use while working on the computer and other devices which give harsh lights. 

If you have tried these already, feel free to share your experience and result below. 

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