Thursday, July 23, 2015

Nivea In-Shower Intensive Skin Conditioner Review

We go gaga over banana! Oh what I mean is, whitening! Having said that, we tend to ignore moisturizing not only our face, but also our body. I used to be one of those who take moisturizing for granted. I'm not going to discuss the importance of this but gonna share my thoughts about this not-so new Nivea product, Nivea In-Shower Intensive Skin Conditioner.

nivea in-shower intensive skin conditioner review
What is Nivea In-Shower Body Moisturizer?
According to Nivea site's FAQ"NIVEA In-shower Body Moisturiser is a hassle-free way to moisturise skin while in the shower. Designed to be used after shower gel, it leaves skin feeling hydrated and silky soft – even after towel drying. The NIVEA In-shower Body Moisturiser range is available as NIVEA In-shower Body Moisturiser, formulated for normal skin, and NIVEA In-shower Body Moisturiser, formulated for dry skin."

nivea in-shower intensive skin conditioner review

I got two different variants from their in-shower lotion line. I was lucky to get these during the Nivea 50% off sale! I've been using the blue one, for dry skin, intensive skin conditioner for more than a month now. I haven't used the other tube which is for whitening. Obviously, I can't review the second variant yet.

I've been using Kojic acid soaps without proper moisturizing for a year so the word "Intensive" sounds so appealing due to my chicken skin-like problem. I'm really expecting deep moisture to at least minimize my skin problem. 

nivea in-shower intensive skin conditioner review

It claims that Nivea In-shower Intensive skin conditioner repairs 10 signs of dry and damaged skin while in the shower for long-lasting silky,soft water-like looking skin. It also indicates the 4 easy steps on how to use this:

1. Use your shower gel and rinse off.
2. Apply In-shower intensive skin conditioner while still in the shower.
3. Rinse off.
4 Dry yourself, get dresses and go!

It seems that you have to put extra effort than those traditional lotions. You have to apply all over your body then rinse it off. However, you could be more consistent on using this type of lotion since there's a tendency to skip on applying the regular one. It would be convenient to apply everything in bath.

nivea in-shower intensive skin conditioner review

It has a very think and creamy consistency. You might find it too silky or should I say, slippery especially on wet skin. It could be quite bothering for others. On a positive note, it glides smoothly and effortlessly all over your body within just seconds    

I can't distinguish the exact smell but it has an oily-like scent. 'Almond Oil' is already indicated in the bottle. Thus, I assume that it's almond oil, if that makes any sense. 

It is more or less P170 for a 250ml bottle. I must say that the price is reasonable, especially I got mine on sale!

At first, I liked the inverted design of the bottle. You don't have to stand the bottle upside-down just to get the remaining product. However, I find it bit messy because of the excess.

nivea in-shower intensive skin conditioner review
See what I'm talking about?

You may get this at your favorite leading drugstore. The availability may just depend on their stock. 

easy to find
* affordable
*convenient to use
* enticing way to put lotion
* no disturbing scent
* makes skin bit firmer
* moisturizing indeed

* sticky feeling (at least during summer season)
* too silky
* need to put extra effort to rinse

Is It Effective? 

Please take note that I stopped using other moisturizing products (except moisturizing soap) to see if there would be any effects. I'm going to stick with their claims like it repairs 10 signs of dry and damaged skin while in the shower for long-lasting silky,soft water-like looking skin. 

It would be better if they specified the "10 signs of dry and damaged skin." Anyway, it's true that you'll feel so moisturized! There's no doubt about that. It will make your skin smooth and firm. Though you have to rinse it thoroughly if you're not comfortable with its silky like crazy feeling. 

Overall, I can say that it is a good moisturizing lotion. Probably, it's activated by water and immediately adsorbs into the skin just like what they mentioned on their website. It somehow helped my dry skin. 


Repurchase? Probably yes, but I still want to try other products. 

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