Thursday, September 17, 2015

TOSH Pasta All You Can Anniversary Promo: Yay or Nay?

It would probably ring a bell when we hear or read this phrase, "Eat all you can." Who wouldn't love unlimited food? We actually turn into glutton! Thus, it was a trend when The Old Spaghetti House announced their 12th anniversary promo, Pasta All You Can in all branches for only P149.

tosh pasta all you can

The Old Spaghetti House, also known as TOSH, is a Filipino-owned Italian restaurant by the Guereros. It offers affordable yet mouthwatering food with cozy "old spaghetti house" ambiance.  It is a high-end like restaurant without really hurting your pocket. It is a household name for pasta all you can.

I have tried TOSH, with and without the promo years ago. It was just more than the good-cozy interior. I even loved their Vietnamese garlic. However, the promo was not that as appealing as before, probably due to complains/feedback that I've read on Facebook. Having said that, I still gave it a try since my boyfriend loves pasta!

The pasta all you can promo runs from September 1 to 30, 2015 in all branches as their month- long anniversary celebration. Well, their promo is not new at all. In case you would miss this month-long promo, they actually have that every month in different (rotating) branches. 

tosh pasta all you can

SM North Edsa branch was the best option for us. We got there at 6:30PM. Look how long the line was when we got there. I almost back out, then I realized that they were by group. To cut the story short, we waited for like 5-10 minutes, not bad as I thought (1hr). We had to share a table with annoying strangers though.

I have read on Facebook that they're already improving their services. They now have buffet tables for bigger branches. Y
ou don't have to wait for the crew to reach your table which was one of the problems before. 

tosh pasta all you can

In case you're wondering, yes, SM North branch has a buffet table and staff assigned to check/refill the chaffing dishes.  There are four pastas available: Vietnamese Garlic, Pesto, Pomorodo, and Alfredo. You may also add P50 for unli thin crust pizza and P25 for unli drinks. +1 viand was not available there, I don't know why. 

tosh pasta all you can
Alfredo and Vietnamese Garlic
The most important part, its taste! I tried the Alfredo first and then Vietnamese Garlic. They play safe to call it Alfredo instead of Carbonara. Just to ditch the creaminess, huh? It was tasty or even yummy but nothing special about it. I wanted it to be creamier but then again, it wasn't Carbonara. While the Vietnamese Garlic was bit dry but still delicious. Of course, I cannot expect it to be as superb as its regular price. 

tosh pasta all you can
Pomorodo and Pesto
Pomorodo was almost the same with our usual spaghetti except the sauce was made of fresh tomatoes. It was not like the sweet-blend spaghetti that we're used to. It was bit sour yet the tastiest among the four pastas. Lastly, Pesto, my least favorite because of its dryness. It was an understatement actually. Probably they put too much basil. It was too dry even if it was soaked in oil.


*Price/ Affordable
*Good service & well-organized
*Courteous and attentive crews
* Filled Chaffing dishes
*Cozy Ambiance 
* Pizza(Yum!)

* Vietnamese garlic and Pesto were dry
* No viand available
* No reservation 
*  8PM cut-off

The experience was good enough for a P149 buffet. I expected for the worse since I've read feedback but not really as bad as I thought. You can go for this if you love/like pastas and wants fill your tummy. However, it's not for sophisticated tongues. 

Yay or Nay? Yay!! 

Tips: You don't have avail their unli-drinks especially if you have small appetite. However, soda might help to avoid you feeling sleepy. Sugar rush! 

Thanks for reading!

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